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Nasdaq backs Sporttrade. Featured on Reuters.

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Nasdaq wagers on sports betting trend, sees retail brokers joining

Sports betting will likely occur through exchanges and retail brokerages like Robinhood Markets Inc in the future, the head of North American markets at Nasdaq Inc said.

Gaming Today 3-part series interview with Alex

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Part III: Sporttrade’s CEO On The Future Of Gambling Startups

Gambling startups face challenging barriers to entry. But Sporttrade may provide a blueprint for other disruptive gambling startups.

Trade in and out of positions title card.


Read This and You’ll Be Begging to Trade In and Out of Your Sports Bets

Directionally trading on Sporttrade is about to change the way we all bet on sports. 

Gaming Today 3-part series interview with Alex

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Part II: Sporttrade CEO On How The Gambling Industry Stifles Startups

The gambling industry isn't friendly to startups. That keeps the best odds and deals out of bettors' hands, limiting bettor wins.

Gaming Today 3-part series interview with Alex

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Part I: Sporttrade CEO On How Betting Exchanges Fill A Market Void

There are things a betting exchange like Sporttrade can do that traditional sportsbooks can't offer bettors, including new ways to win and profit.

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The Dreaded Sportsbook Spinning Wheel and How To Avoid it

Your bet should be what the market is willing to pay. Not what a sportsbook is willing to accept.

Nasdaq SMARTs technology


Innovating Sports Betting with Capital Markets Surveillance Technology

Sporttrade and Nasdaq recently announced a new technology partnership, through which Sporttrade will leverage market surveillance technology. The Nasdaq team sat down with Alex Kane, Founder and CEO of Sporttrade, to hear more about the vision behind Sporttrade.

Sporttrade to leverage Nasdaq SMARTs technology

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Sporttrade to Leverage Nasdaq Surveillance Technology to Bolster Market Integrity

We’re deepening our relationship with Nasdaq and leveraging their SMARTs technology in building a fair, transparent and safe sports betting marketplace.