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Reds Regain Second Spot in MLBI, Orioles Cruising

Reds make $111 in the past week to creep back into the second spot. Despite being a great real baseball team, Atlanta drops out of the top 5.


Orioles Lapping MLBI Field As Season Comes To Close

The Orioles have been the surprise of the MLB season, profiting bettors nearly triple the next team in the MLBI rankings. Will it lead to postseason success?


The Top 5 Ways To Leverage Sporttrade This NFL Season

Bettors have preferences. Sporttrade has answers. Here are the top 5 ways to leverage the app for EV bettors, Arbitrage bettors, Matched bettors, CLV finders and all of the rest.


The Leaves are Changing, the MLBI is Not

The top three of the 2023 MLBi appears to be set as the Orioles, Reds and Nationals have proven to be the most profitable teams in the marketplace.

Press Releases

Sporttrade Launches in Colorado, Available Immediately to Bettors

Sporttrade enters its second state, Colorado. Customers can expect zero delays, impressive liquidity, fantastic odds and the best in-game betting experience on the market.


Sporttrade and Arbitrage Betting: A How To

In this How To, we’ll show you how to arbitrage, guaranteeing profit by betting on mispriced lines at sportsbooks and taking the other side at Sporttrade.


How Sporttrade is Redefining the Sports Betting Exchange

Historically, there has been a way sports betting exchanges do business. But like most innovators, Sporttrade has divergent opinions.


Nationals Matching the Eye Test: Rise to 2nd in MLBI

The Nationals have been 23-14 since July 7th, leaping from 14th to 2nd in the MLBI and are perhaps laying the groundwork to a resurgence next season.