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Limit Orders blog on Sporttrade


Sports Betting in Your Sleep: Why Limit Orders are a Game Changer

We walk you through three ways that Limit Orders can save you time, money, and even sleep! No other sportsbook can offer that.



Why the Final Score on a Sports Bet No Longer Matters

You don’t need to be ‘right’ waiting for the final score on Sporttrade. You just have to weigh the timing and subsequent risk / return for cashing out of a profitable trade.

Trading golf on Sporttrade


Market Moves: Who to Buy and Who to Sell at the 2022 U.S. Open

Trading golf is the opposite of buying and holding. Sporttrade's Social Media Manager, Greg Rappaport, breaks down the 2022 U.S. Open golf tournament to showcase a few possible moves to lock in profit without having to sweat things out on Sunday. 

Rising Star of the Year

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Rising Star of the Year Nomination

Sporttrade has made it through to the shortlist for the SBC Awards North America 2022 for Rising Star of the Year.

Why I've Decided to Stop Betting and Start Trading


Why I've Decided to Stop Betting and Start Trading

We’re proud to welcome Rachel Maeng Brown to the Sporttrade team. She shares her journey and why she is excited to elevate the sports betting industry.

When we see a listed total above 5.5 goals for a game, we’re going to take the Under.


2022 NHL Playoffs: Why Betting Unders is a Stanley Cup-Winning Strategy

Sporttrade will offer Moneyline, Spread and Total trades within our NHL markets. The experience of trading on these will mirror the breathlessness of watching a NHL playoff game, except now, you’re holding a piece of the action in your hand.

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NBA Playoff Bets: Who We’re Trading and Who We’re Shorting

On Sporttrade, you’ll be able to bet on the NBA Moneylines, Spreads and Totals for every NBA playoff game, securing profits and stopping losses before the games even conclude. Social Media Manager, Greg Rappaport, and Executive Producer of Content and Media, Dan Koob, offer up who they’re trading, shorting or backing to take win the 2021-2022 Championship.

Trading the Masters


The Masters: Trading on Golf vs. Betting on Golf

Social Media Manager, Greg Rappaport, and Executive Producer of Media and Content, Dan Koob, identify the ways to utilize Sporttrade’s unique differences to maximize your golf trading experience.