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Sporttrade Essentials

Welcome to Sports Trading on a Sports Betting Exchange (3:13)

Learn why using a sports betting exchange like the one we've built at Sporttrade gives bettors an opportunity to execute trades at better prices and faster speeds than anywhere currently available within the United States.

Sporttrade 101

Sporttrade Academy: Tips & Tricks To Help You Trade on Our Sports Betting Exchange With Confidence (9:06)

Trading sports on a sports betting exchange has differences and similarities to traditional sports wagering. Our own Dan Koob explains what you'll see when you download the Sporttrade app and create an account. In this episode of Sporttrade Academy, we explain what markets Sporttrade offers, how to buy and sell contracts, using limit orders to your advantage, and more.

Sporttrade Essentials

Advanced Trading and Shorting (2:15)

Traders on Sporttrade will have the option of selecting either a Simple or Advanced trading experience. Our Founder and CEO Alex Kane talks about the difference between the two and gives some examples of how to best use the Advanced trading experience to gauge the market and short outcomes on Sporttrade.

Sporttrade Essentials

Explaining the Price Spread (2:45)

One of the first things you might notice when you login to Sporttrade is the bid/ask spreads in our markets. Our Founder and CEO Alex Kane explains what that means for traders and how that spread impacts the value of your portfolio.

Sporttrade Essentials

Liquidity and Our Markets (2:35)

Trading is only possible when there are buyers to match sellers, which is why Sporttrade ensures deep liquidity on our sports betting exchange by offering markets such as moneyline, spread, and totals. Our Founder & CEO Alex Kane explains why the markets Sporttrade lists are intended to maximize liquidity.

Sporttrade Essentials

Tips For Setting Up Your Account on Sporttrade (1:35)

Tips and tricks for downloading the Sporttrade app and getting your account set up as quickly as possible. During the creation of your account, make sure to use your full legal name and answer the verification questions correctly.

Live on Social Media

The Entrepreneurial Mindset | Instagram Live with Sporttrade CEO Alex Kane and Rachel Maeng Brown (32:00)

Two founders, Alex Kane (Sporttrade) and Rachel Maeng Brown (GEN Agency), talk about their experience navigating the startup space, turning ideas into reality, and their top tips for young entrepreneurs. The discussion originally took place via Instagram Live on Friday, April 29th.

Live on Social Media

Trading the Madness | Twitter Spaces with Alex Kane, Dan Koob, and Kaitlin Sharkey (35:53)

A great convo with CEO of Sporttrade, Alex Kane, Executive Producer, Dan Koob, and sports broadcaster, Kaitlin Sharkey on why a sports betting exchange could transform the way you approach college basketball.