Sporttrade Patron Protection and Responsible Gaming

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the following:

  • 1-800-GAMBLER in New Jersey

  • Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER in Colorado

  • 1-800-BETSOFF in Iowa

If you want to learn more about problem gambling, but are not interested in contacting us then  check out the links below covering these subjects:

  1. Practical tips to stay within safe limits

  2. Gambling myths

  3. Risks associated with gambling

  4. Signs of a gambling problem and how to get help

The Council on Compulsive Gambling New Jersey, Inc

The National Council on Problem Gambling

You can also check out the Iowa Department of Health & Human Services which has information and services for problem gambling. In addition, a nearby gambling treatment agency for Iowa patrons can offer problem gambling services.

I. Our Mission

At Sporttrade, our goal is to create a healthy environment for our customers to engage in recreational gaming. We want to ensure that all of our customers are using our service responsibly and are aware of the resources available to them to get help if they need it. On our end, we are taking user safety a step further by trying to identify problem gaming behavior before it escalates.

In order to meet our goals, we are committed to the following:

  1. Providing an industry leading knowledge base on how to use our products responsibly

  2. Prevent underage gambling in all of our jurisdictions

  3. Educating our team members on problem gaming and constantly finding new ways to identify problem gaming behavior

  4. Participating in problem gaming programs and conferences to increase problem gaming awareness

II. Know Your Limits

At Sporttrade, we want our users to be able to enjoy responsible use of our platform and have control over their account. For our users who have had a past experiences with problem gambling, we recommend you develop the following habits to help you stay in control:

  1. Establish strict limits for wagering and depositing when you sign up for a Sporttrade account. These can be found in your Account section under Responsible Gaming. 

  2. As a Sporttrade user, you have the ability to monitor and control the amount of time you are allowed to use the application. Please use these tools and see our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to best set those limits.

  3. If Sporttrade is interfering with your daily life responsibilities, please stop using our product. You have the resources available to seek help.

  4. If you are trading larger numbers of contracts to combat losses, please use serious caution and consider refraining from trading.

  5. If you are recovering from gambling dependency or under the use of alcohol, please refrain from trading.

III. Play Responsibly - Use Gaming Limits to Help Stay in Control

  1. Deposit Limits - Set daily, weekly (Monday - Sunday), and monthly limits on the amount of funds you are able to deposit into your account.

  2. Spend Limits - Set a limit on the amount of funds you are able to use for trading on a daily, weekly (Monday - Sunday) and monthly period.

  3. Time Based Limits - Set a limit on the amount of hours you can spend on the app daily.

Decreases to your limits will take effect immediately. Increases to your limits are pending until the end of the current period and must be reconfirmed to take effect.


Sporttrade aims to consistently care for our Members and promote responsible gambling practices. For the vast majority of people, the attraction to test one's judgment or luck does not create problems. Gambling generally should be a pleasurable form of entertainment. The aim is to achieve a balanced approach in the provision of wagering services, taking account of the interests of our customers, the community at large and us as the wagering operator. We are committed to sharing responsibility, with governments and communities, for helping problem gamblers to identify their problem and seek assistance. Some of the ways that we do this are:

Sporttrade aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Minimizing the extent of gambling related harm to individuals and the broader community;

  • Enabling Members to make informed decisions about their gambling practices;

  • Enabling Members adversely affected by gambling to have access to timely and appropriate assistance and information;

  • Promoting a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry and government of responsible gambling practices; and

  • Ensuring the gambling industry provides safe and supportive environments for the delivery of gambling products and services.


As a responsible operator, Sporttrade are committed to maintaining our reputation by actively taking steps to exclude minors from placing an order using our Service. Our services are designed to appeal to, and be used by persons who are at least twenty-one (21) years old. As an additional safeguard, we encourage filtering options to be enabled by parents or guardians to prohibit underage persons from entering online sports betting software, as the minimum legal age to gamble is 21 years. The comprehensive list of filtering options available for download can be accessed through these sites:

  • CyberPatrol

  • Gamblock

  • SafeKids

  • SurfControl

  • SolidOak

  • NetNanny

  • BetFilter

  • RGManager


If you or someone you know has a problem gambling and needs immediate assistance, you can call or text 1-800-GAMBLER 24/7 or visit the for more information on The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ).

Further information and resources are also available through the National Council on Problem Gambling at

Sporttrade has partnered with Birches Health to provide Sporttrade’s patrons direct access to healthcare providers that can be covered by insurance. This can be accessed at

If you are in Iowa, you can visit Iowa Department of Health & Human Services which has information and services for problem gambling. In addition, a nearby gambling treatment agency can offer problem gambling services.


If you feel that you are losing control of your play and would like help in restricting your access to our Service, we offer you the option to take a break or to self-exclude from wagering with us. Take a break options range from 3 days to 365 days. Self-exclusion options range from 1 year to permanent depending on the licensed jurisdiction. If you would like to self-exclude, you will need to complete and return our Self-Exclusion Form or fill out the self-exclusion form on the jurisdiction website. This includes:

For patrons in Iowa, you can use the cool-off feature to self-exclude from the Sporttrade app. You can do so for a definite period of 3 - 365 days. You can also self-exclude indefinitely by selecting 365 days for cool off.

If you require assistance, please contact our Customer Experience team via one of the following methods:

Please note: Sporttrade may opt to close your Account permanently rather than self-exclude you.

We also encourage you to consider seeking self-exclusion from any other betting agencies that you may have accounts with. We reserve the right to share self-exclusion lists with the state regulatory body in which your account was registered and/or other gaming providers in that state. For example: if you self-exclude your Sporttrade Account that was registered in New Jersey, you will be self-excluded from all other licensed New Jersey gambling sites. If you self-exclude from another New Jersey licensed gambling site, you will automatically be self-excluded from Sporttrade.

If you self-exclude in any of the states in which Sporttrade is licensed, you will be excluded overall from Sporttrade.

NJDGE has established a toll-free number dedicated to self-exclusion inquiries and now offers self-exclusion application video conferences. For NJ Patrons, by calling 1-833-788-4DGE (1-833-788-4343), individuals can receive assistance and guidance on setting up self-exclusion. This service is designed to provide support to those who may encounter difficulties with the self-exclusion process or require a video conference to complete a self-exclusion request. DGE in person appointments are also still available and can be arranged by calling the toll-free number.


Sporttrade is best enjoyed responsibly. We encourage you to set responsible gambling limits before using our Service. As part of our responsibility towards responsible gambling, Sporttrade has a pre-commitment limit mechanism, which allows you to set (a) the maximum deposit amount that you can deposit with us; (b) the maximum spend amount that you are willing to put at risk with us; and (c) the maximum amount of time (measured hourly from log-in to log off) you can play on the Service. Our (a) deposit and (b) spend limits can be specified on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our (c) time limits can be specified on a daily basis. To set your pre-commitment limit, visit the ‘Customer Protection’ section of our App which can be found under ‘Account’. 

Please note that the following minimum waiting periods apply:

  • For a daily limit increase, the player has to wait until the next day and reconfirm the update before the new limit is enforced.

  • For a weekly limit increase, the player has to wait until the start of the next week AND reconfirm the update before the new limit is enforced.

  • For a monthly limit increase, the player has to wait until the start of the next month AND reconfirm the update before the new  limit is enforced

IV. Account History

A customer can retrieve their account history and can access their activity history under their Activity Ledger in their Account section. For their entire account history, they can contact customer support at [email protected].

V. Cool Off Period

Sporttrade allows customers to set a cool off period if they feel like they need it for any reason for a period lasting from 3 to 365 days. During this period, customers will not be able to log in to their account and no marketing materials will be sent to them. This can be configured in your Account section under Responsible Gaming.

VI. Self-Exclusion

Sporttrade users have the ability to self-exclude from our product. Users have the ability to enroll in a state specific self-exclusion program which prevents them from being able to access other internet gaming and sports sites regulated by DGE, CDOG, or IRGC. 

If you would like to close your account permanently, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]

VII. Privacy and Protection

If you forget your password you can retrieve it by tapping on “forgot password” in the login screen. You will be sent an email that will ask you to answer security questions in order to reset your password. For your protection, we enforce strong authentication in the form of two factor authentication where a code will be sent to your mobile device. You will be required to log in using strong authentication at least once in a 14 day period (if you are using the same device). You can also set your preferences to require strong authentication in every login under your account tab’s section called “Strong Authentication”.

If you haven't forgotten your password but would still like to change it. You can do so once you log in and go to the account tab. Under personal information, click on change password. Once you answer the security questions  you will be able to change your password.

VIII. Complaints 

If you have any complaints concerns or issues do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

In New Jersey, complaints regarding Sporttrade may be looked into by Bally’s AC internet gaming team.   The email address is: [email protected]. It will be responded to in five (5) days to the email address on the account. In order to facilitate this process, please include:

  1. Sporttrade account number;

  2. Your name;

  3. Explain the complaint in detail with screen shots when possible; and

  4. Any response received from Sporttrade.

In New Jersey, if you feel your complaint remains unresolved and all reasonable means to resolve the complaint with Sporttrade and the licensee have been exhausted, please contact the Division of Gaming Enforcement at [email protected] or [email protected] with the details of your claim.

In Colorado, complaints may be submitted via this form to the Division of Gaming.

In Iowa, you may contact the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission through their Contact form.

IX. Terms and Conditions

To obtain a copy of the terms and conditions agreed upon when you established your account contact [email protected]

X. Restrictions and Federal Prohibitions

Underage gambling is a criminal offense and anyone who facilitates someone under the age of 21 to gamble has committed a criminal offense and shall be prohibited from Internet gaming.

Patron is responsible to configure his or her client terminal's auto-lock feature to protect the client terminal from unauthorized use.

Patron is prohibited from allowing any other person to access or use his or her Internet or mobile gaming account.

Patron is expected to keep his or her access information details safe at all times and not share their account name, password, payment information or any other account details. If you think your password has been compromised, you can change it under the account section of the Sporttrade app.

Patrons should not use the “Save password” feature to log in to any pages on this site nor should they leave their computer unattended when logged in.

Notification of Federal prohibitions and restrictions regarding Internet gaming, specifically, any limitations upon Internet gaming as set forth in 18 U.S.C. §§ 1084 et seq. (The Wire Act) and 31 U.S.C. §§ 3163 through 3167 (UIEGA). The notice shall explicitly state that it is a Federal offense for persons physically located outside of New Jersey to engage in Internet wagering through a New Jersey casino, unless explicitly authorized by the Division.

XI. Marketing Communications

From time to time, we may wish to contact you with promotions and other marketing communications. If you do not want to receive these communications, you may opt out. Click here to opt out of promotions and marketing communications.