The Sporttrade Advantage

Betting and trading are not created equal. So, how is Sporttrade able to offer better odds, better pricing, and a better sports betting experience?

Sports Betting App Profit

Probability is just easier

Most traditional sportsbooks offer bets based on American odds, like -120. This is confusing and structured to make it difficult to understand the price you’re paying.

Sporttrade outcomes are based on a 0-100 scale that easily illustrates the implied probability of an outcome according to the market.

For example, if a team to win is listed at $44 on Sporttrade, that implies a 44% win probability.

Sports Betting App Odds

Better Pricing = More Profit for you

As an exchange, Sporttrade will have tighter pricing relative to traditional betting platforms.

This means more profit for you on the same bet. For example, a $100 bet at -110 odds would net a total payout of $191 on a $100 winning bet due to the embedded spread from sportsbooks.

On Sporttrade, the same bet gives you a total payout of $196 on a $100 winning bet. That’s $5 more due to our lower commission structure.

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Odds, pricing, and profits shown are just for demonstration purposes and do not reflect real-time or available odds. Estimated profits include commission, vigs, or other fees.

Sports Betting Exchange

Buy Low, Sell High

Unlike a traditional sportsbook, on Sporttrade you can buy or sell your sports bets whenever you want. It’s true “dynamic in play trading”. No more waiting for a “Cash Out” button. You can always get out of your bet whether locking in a profit or minimizing losses, just like in the stock market.

Sports Betting Speed

Speed Matters

Unlike traditional sportsbooks where you can wait and wait (and wait) for your bet to be accepted, Sporttrade’s exchange model provides for unmatched speed of execution. Less delays for you means less friction and a better gaming experience. On average, our execution time is 100% better than a traditional sportsbook.

Set your own price with limit orders

Just like when you buy stocks or crypto, you can choose the price at which you’d like to buy or sell using limit orders, which means a better price for you.

For example, if another user bids $50 on an outcome, but you bid $52 instead, your bid will be accepted first. With a traditional sportsbook, there’s no competition – the price is take-it-or-leave-it.

Want to learn more?

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