Bet on Women's Basketball Games

Whether it’s the middle of the game or the middle of the playoffs, we believe you should have total control over your women's basketball bets. That means placing bets on women's basketball whenever you’d like, and cashing out when you think the time is right.

Take back control with Sporttrade.

Bet on Women's Basketball
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Why choose Sporttrade for your women's basketball bets?

We’ve modeled Sporttrade after the financial markets, bringing price transparency, liquidity and reduced transaction costs to women's basketball betting.

Always on WNBA Betting
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“Always on” in-play basketball betting

Buy or sell your women's basketball bets whenever you want. No more waiting for final results or for a “Cash Out” button. You are never locked out.

Better Pricing on WNBA Basketball

Better Pricing = Better Odds

As an exchange, we don’t bet against our customers. We match buyers and sellers at the best available price in the market. Not being the “house” means better women's basketball odds for you.

Trade WNBA Bets

Trade in and out of positions

Just like stocks, you can trade in and out of your women's basketball bets at any time. Sporttrade is the only sports betting and trading platform to offer this experience allowing you to minimize your risk and maximize your reward!

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Leave the ‘books behind.

When you stack Sporttrade up against other women's basketball and sportsbook competition, the choice becomes pretty clear.

Sporttrade features


Continuous access to in-play trading

Lower transaction costs

Simple probability framework (0 to 100)

Set your own pricing (Ability to place “limit” orders)

Built with cutting-edge Exchange technology

Ability to trade in and out of bets to minimize your risk

More than just bets on women's basketball.

Sporttrade is built to handle wagers for the largest pro and amateur leagues daily. With a betting platform this revolutionary, we didn’t want to limit fans access.

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