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Whether it’s the middle of the 6th inning or the middle of the season, we believe you should have total control over your baseball bets. That means placing bets on baseball whenever you’d like, and cashing out when you think the time is right.

Take back control with Sporttrade.

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Bet on Baseball Games

Why choose Sporttrade for your baseball bets?

Combining proprietary technology, thoughtful design, and capital markets expertise, our platform endeavors to modernize baseball betting.

The line matters on baseball bets

The line matters on baseball betting

When compared to a sportsbook, the exact same bet on baseball will cost you less almost every time. Expect main lines to be closer to -105. How do we do it? Unlike a traditional sportsbook, there are multiple market makers on Sporttrade competing to offer the best prices and highest limits.

Refined and responsive.
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Refined and responsive.

We’re not just great prices and big limits. When you place an in-play baseball bet with us, there is no built-in delay, your bet is instantly accepted. Sporttrade isn’t built on legacy technology, which means a sleek, crisp interface designed to connect you to the best baseball markets in the world.

Sign-up, and get a text within 15 minutes from a real person. We’re not only here to assist, we want to make you a better bettor.
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Human support.

Sign-up, and get a text within 15 minutes from a real person. We’re not only here to assist, we want to make you a better bettor. Text us now at 215-287-1165. For players who want higher limits, we offer a brokerage service called LiquiBoost. Limits upwards of $100k at great prices within minutes. Learn more about LiquiBoost

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Leave the ‘books behind.

When you stack Sporttrade up against other baseball and sportsbook competition, the choice becomes pretty clear.

Sporttrade features


Multiple trading teams competing to offer you the best lines

Instant In-play betting

Crisp, sleek user interface

Ability to request your own price

VIP Brokerage Service

High Uptime, low-hold in-play markets

More than just bets on baseball.

Sporttrade is built to handle wagers for the largest pro and amateur leagues daily. With a betting platform this revolutionary, we didn’t want to limit fans access.

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