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The latest video and audio from the Sporttrade team.

Sporttrade 101

Buying and Selling Contracts on Sporttrade (1:08)

Similar to buying stocks or crypto, you can buy outcomes on Sporttrade in dollars or in contracts. Track the progress of your bets in your portfolio and sell some or all of your position at any time during your event. See how here.

Sporttrade 101

What is a Contract? (0:47)

In this video, learn how a Sporttrade contract is like a stock that trades between $0 and $100.

Live on Social Media

Trading Up | Twitter Spaces Chat with Captain Jack Andrews & Alex Kane (1:02:38)

Alex Kane, CEO of Sporttrade, interviews Captain Jack Andrews, co-creator of Unabated & professional advantage player.

Live on Social Media

Capital Markets 🤝 Sports Betting | Clubhouse Chat with Alex Kane & Tom Wittman (53:06)

CEO of Sporttrade, Alex Kane, is joined by Former CEO of Nasdaq, Tom Wittman, to discuss how capital markets evolved and why the same needs to occur with the sports betting industry.

Elevating the Industry

Sporttrade on CNBC Fast Money (1:33)

CNBC's Contessa Brewer shares the news about our recent funding which includes investment from Jump Capital, Nasdaq Ventures, and Impression Ventures.

Elevating the Industry

Disrupting the Sports Betting Industry (9:35)

Alex Kane, CEO of Sporttrade, explains why it's time to challenge the incumbent sportsbook model.

Elevating the Industry

How Sporttrade is Challenging the Sports Betting Industry (1:07)

Alex Kane, CEO of Sporttrade, questions why the sports betting industry hasn't evolved like capital markets. By putting the customer first, he is set out to rewire a conforming industry.

Elevating the Industry

An Interview with Sporttrade CEO Alex Kane (1:01:00)

Sporttrade CEO, Alex Kane, explains what inspired him to build a sports betting exchange using the principles of stock markets to elevate the entire sports betting industry.