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Exchange the Game: Leveling the Playing Field with Ellen Hyslop

How can the sports betting industry and sports media industry work together to make it a more inclusive field towards women sports bettors and viewers? That was one of the questions that brought Sporttrade Founder & CEO Alex Kane and The GIST Co-Founder & Head of Content Ellen Hyslop together last Wednesday for a lunchtime Twitter Space discussion. 

The GIST, a female-founded and led sports media brand, is no stranger to feeling like sports – and sports betting by extension – isn’t being marketed to them, despite the fact that an estimated 32% of sports bettors are women. 

“Keeping that in mind when you’re doing marketing and finding different audiences that you want to be interacting with. Actually inviting them to play and encouraging them to play, and sometimes incentivizing them to play, if needed,” said Hyslop. “The brand, and how you show up, and how that brings in all types of people makes a huge difference.” 

During the discussion, the pair also talked about the ways to make sports betting a more approachable and communal space. 

“People like to talk about their stock trades, people like to talk about their sports bets," explained Kane. "How can we do that in a way that encourages more activity on a platform like Sporttrade, you know?”

Listen to their full conversation including a Q&A at the end, and stay tuned for more Twitter Space discussions on the horizon.

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Exchange the Game: Leveling the Playing Field with Ellen Hyslop