Sports betting,meet stock trading

Introducing Sporttrade, the first dynamic sports betting and trading exchange where you can trade sports bets like you trade stocks. Elevate your sports betting experience with Sporttrade.

Coming to New Jersey soon, with additional states to follow throughout 2022.

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Sports Betting and Sports Trading Platform

Stop betting, start trading

Sporttrade is America’s most dynamic sports trading platform. We’ve modeled Sporttrade after the financial markets, bringing price transparency, liquidity and reduced transaction costs to sports betting.

Bet on Sports
Wallet and Lock

“Always on” in-play betting

Buy or sell your bets whenever you want. No more waiting for final results or for a “Cash Out” button. You are never locked out.

Sports Betting Site

Better Pricing = Better Odds

As an exchange, we don’t bet against our customers or charge a "vig". We match buyers and sellers at the best available price in the market. Not being the “house” means better odds for you.

Sports Trading Site

Trade in and out of positions

Just like stocks, you can trade in and out of your sports bets at any time. Sporttrade is the only sports betting and trading platform to offer this experience allowing you to minimize your risk and maximize your reward!

Stock Trading Platform
Portfolio Management

Gain control of your betting "portfolio"

Watch in real-time as your portfolio of bets change in value. Once the market moves, close any position to lock in a profit or stop a loss. You are in control of your bets at all times.

Better than the ‘books

When you stack Sporttrade up against the sportsbook competition, the choice becomes pretty clear.

Sporttrade features


Continuous access to in-play trading

Lower transaction costs

Simple probability framework (0 to 100)

Set your own pricing (Ability to place “limit” orders)

Built with cutting-edge Exchange technology

Ability to trade in and out of bets to minimize your risk

The Latest from Sporttrade

Frequently asked questions

Sporttrade is an exchange just like the stock exchange, but instead of stocks we list sporting events. This allows users to bet on sports in the same way they trade stocks in the financial market.

By leveraging an exchange model, we are able to offer better pricing because we do not take risk like a traditional “book”. We only charge you a small commission if you win your sports bet.

We don't take any risk. We just allow you to place your bet and the market takes the other side of it. Because of that, we only charge a small commission for using the exchange, not a large “vig” like traditional sportsbooks.

At Sporttrade, we are elevating the sports betting industry by putting the customer first. We give users multiple tools to practice responsible gaming, including deposit limits, spend limits and cool-off periods. We also offer lower pricing and better odds which favors our customers.

Initially, Sporttrade will offer sports betting and trading in New Jersey soon and several other states following in 2022.