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That’s right - now is your chance to try Sporttrade for Free up to $50 per patron. We know that once you try Sporttrade, you will love trading sports. So, we made it easy for you to try it risk-free. See the offer below:

How to Redeem This Offer

1. Fund Your Account Make a deposit of $100+ on Sporttrade - new and existing customers

2. Purchase a Futures Contract Your choice of eligible futures contract on NFL, NBA, World Cup, or NHL

3. We’ll credit the cost of your Futures contract back to you Limit one Futures contract credit up to $50 per patron

It’s that easy to begin trading sports on Sporttrade.

Full terms and conditions

General Promotion & Bonus Terms and Conditions The following Sporttrade Promotion Terms and Conditions are applicable:

Patron Eligibility:

This Offer is available to any verified, registered Sporttrade patron who is otherwise eligible to wager under New Jersey law.

Patrons must be 21 years of age or older in order to claim the following Offer and must be physically present in the state of New Jersey when executing the purchase of the “Free Futures Contract” described in the Offer.

Patrons must not be currently registered on any involuntary state gambling exclusion list, state gambling self-exclusion list, and/or self-exclusion list for any Sporttrade subsidiary. Patrons may only claim the following Free Futures Contract Offer one time and only during the Eligibility Period. This includes Sporttrade affiliates and family members of non-key employees. Promotions are not available to any employees in the wagering industry.

How To Claim the Offer:

Regardless of whether or not a Patron already has an existing Sporttrade account and has made previous deposits, Patron must meet the minimum deposit requirements described in the Offer during the Eligibility Period described in the Offer in order to become eligible.

See Free Futures Contract Restrictions section for more details.

After satisfying the minimum deposit requirements, Patron must purchase an “Eligible Futures Contract” (as defined below) during the Eligibility Period (November 8, 2022 @ 8:00 am Until 11:59 pm ET on November 30, 2022) in order to claim the Offer.

Once a qualifying Patron has purchased an Eligible Futures Contract during the Eligibility Period, the Patron’s Sporttrade account will be credited in an amount equal to the lesser of a) the dollar value of the Eligible Futures Contract at time of purchase by the Patron during the Eligibility Period or b) $50 USD.

If a Patron purchases more than one Eligible Futures Contract during the Eligibility Period, then Sporttrade will treat the first Eligible Futures Contract purchased during the Eligibility Period as the Free Futures Contract as defined in the Offer.

Within 72 hours after the purchase of an Eligible Futures Contract, Sporttrade will credit a qualifying Patron account.

After the purchase of an Eligible Futures Contract, Patrons may trade, sell, or hold the contract until settlement at their discretion.

Other Restrictions:

Eligible Futures Contracts include any Outcome under the “Futures” section of the Sporttrade App and include;

NFL Champion Winner, AFC East Division Winner, AFC North Division Winner, AFC South Division Winner, AFC West Division Winner, NFC East Division Winner, NFC North Division Winner, NFC South Division Winner, NFC West Division Winner, AFC Championship Winner, NFC Championship Winner, NHL Championship Winner, NBA Championship Winner, World Cup 2022 Winner.

Limit one Futures contract credit per patron, per device, or per payment method during the promotional period.

A Purchase of a “short” position contract or a “bet against” (e.g. Selling the Sacramento Kings to win the NBA Championship) contract on a particular team to win a Season Long Future will not be considered an Eligible Futures Contract and will not be eligible for the Offer.

Sporttrade Account

Sporttrade Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and House Rules are all applicable to any Eligible Futures Contracts purchased as part of this Offer. New Patrons may be prompted to accept the Sporttrade Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or House Rules before purchasing the Eligible Futures Contract.

New Patrons must register for a Sporttrade account, complete the standard registration process, make at least a $100 deposit and purchase an eligible futures contract in order to be eligible for the Offer.

Sporttrade reserves the right to rescind this Offer at any time during the Eligibility Period by giving notice via social media, email, or other written communication.

Free Futures Contract Offer (The Offer)

Get a free Season-Long futures contract with Sporttrade! After you open an account, deposit a minimum of $100 and buy any NFL, NBA, World Cup or NHL qualifying contract of your choice to receive a credit in the amount of the purchase. Your credit will be awarded within 72 hours after your futures contract is bought. “Free futures contract” means that you will receive a credit to your account in the amount of your 1 purchased futures contract (up to $50). If you do not buy a qualifying contract during the eligibility period (see below in Promotional Period), you will lose the free opportunity. See below for more details.

Free Futures Contract Restrictions

  • Limit 1 redemption per Patron, device, or payment method to be eligible for the credit

  • New and existing Patrons are eligible (existing Patrons would need to place a new $100 deposit)

  • New Patrons must make an initial deposit of at least $100 in their Sporttrade account

  • Maximum redemption value: $50

  • For credit eligibility Patrons may place a wager on any “Season Long Futures” Contract from the NFL, NBA, World Cup or NHL. Specific contracts types listed in “Other Restrictions” section above

  • Patrons cannot short a Futures outcome for credit.

  • Free Futures Contract will be processed within up to 72 hours for credit to appear in a Patron account.

  • Free Futures Contract can only be redeemed in-app with a valid Sporttrade Account.

  • Free Futures Contract credit value may be reclaimed by Sporttrade at Sporttrade’s discretion if the market becomes void because (the Patron will receive a full refund of their wager if the market is voided)

  • Patrons are free to trade their free contract, or may hold until Outcome Settlement

  • Opt in not necessary

The promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Promotional Period

The promotional offer is valid between 11/11/22 @ 8AM ET and 11/30/22 @ 11:59 PM ET (the “Promotional Period”). Must be physically located in NJ.


This Promotion is available to new or existing Sporttrade Patrons who establish an active and verified NJ Sporttrade account (“Account”). You must be 21 years of age or older and physically present in NJ in order to purchase a qualifying Futures Contract. Individuals on any involuntary state gambling exclusion list, state gambling self-exclusion list, and/or self-exclusion list for any Sporttrade subsidiary are ineligible to participate in the Promotion. You are eligible for one (1) Futures Contract credit per person, account, mobile device, or payment method (for example, a specific credit card or bank account).

Action Required You must create or have an active, verified Sporttrade Account, make a new deposit of $100 or more, and purchase a futures contract on the NFL, NBA, World Cup or NHL during the Eligibility Period.

Claiming Promotional Offer After you establish an Account, deposit $100, and purchase a NFL, NBA, or NHL Futures contract you are eligible to receive a credit for one (1) Futures contract (up to $50). “Qualifying Wager(s)”: (i) NFL, NBA, World Cup or NHL Futures market; (ii) must have a minimum stake of $.50 (fifty cents) or more.

Wagering Requirements/Exclusions

“Excluded Wagers” include: (i) any non-Futures contracts, or (ii) “Short selling” any Futures contracts

Registration Procedures

To qualify for the Promotion, new customers must successfully establish a Sporttrade Account and make a new deposit of $100 or more. By creating an Account, you must agree to Sporttrade’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Existing Sporttrade customers must make a new qualifying deposit ($100) to be eligible. If you do not agree to Sporttrade’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, you cannot create a Sporttrade Account or participate in this Promotion.

Limitations on Participation

Sporttrade reserves the right at its sole discretion to: (i) change or cancel the Promotion at any time without prior notification; (ii) void bets at any time; and (iii) exclude any individual(s) from participating in the Promotion if there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the Promotion. Promotions are not available to any employees in the wagering industry, and promotions are non transferable.

Cancellation To cancel your participation in this or any promotion, please contact Patron support at [email protected] with your cancellation request. Upon request for cancellation, Sporttrade shall inform you of the amount of funds that will be returned upon cancellation. If you elect to proceed with cancellation, funds remaining in your account will be returned in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Responsible Gaming

Sporttrade aims to consistently care for our Patrons and promote responsible gambling practices.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Additional Information

If there is a discrepancy between the name associated with your Account and the name associated with your deposit method you may be ineligible to participate in this (or any other) Promotion, and the Promotion may be withdrawn or invalidated.